RRSP Lines of Credit

We are excited to offer our valued members a RRSP Line of Credit. These have been carefully designed to meet the needs of investing RRSP members. Members are allowed to use these funds for investing in RRSP's at Niverville Credit Union.

Choose your regular payment structure (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly) and be able to re-borrow in future years using the same account. Members can also view their RRSP Line of Credit in their monthly statements.

Qualifying members can open an RRSP Line of Credit once and reuse it every year for their investments hassle-free. This can help members manage their cash flow, and enable them to grow their RRSP faster by investing sooner.

For those who find it difficult to invest to contribute annually, an RRSP Line of Credit may be the best solution due to its flexiibility. RRSP Lines of Credit are available starting at the prime rate.